Huon Pine Wood. Soap Dish. Handmade


About our Huon Pine Wood. Soap Dish. Handmade

Our ECO Collection.

Good for you.

Good for your home.

Good for the environment.

Our ECO Collection – A Zero Waste product. No plastic. Travel friendly product. Hand made. All natural

Our soap dishes are sustainably harvested from waste timber and handcraft from Tasmania’s most unique and precious timber, Huon Pine.

Huon Pine has a very high oil content, methyl eugenol. This natural preserving oil results in timber thats waterproof and impervious to insects with a sweet very distinctive aroma. Creating the perfect soap dish. Huon Pine only grows in wet temperate rainforests in Tasmania.

Return, Refill, Reuse

At Richmond Botanicals Co. we use amber glass and aluminium bottles for all our body care and candle products, we offer a service to our customers to return and reuse these jars with our refill service. Customers are able to return empty jars to our Richmond store or our Salamanca Market, we will clean, sterilise and refill. This is good for us and good for the environment.

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Weight 180 g


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